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Chia Seeds Superfood

Chia Seeds Black or white – Why i tried 9 brands of this superfood

Chia seeds pack such a nutritional punch that it is commonly known as a superfood. With protein content of up to 25 percent and dietary fiber reaching 30 percent, mature chia seeds of all colours are a wholesome addition to yogurt, salad, cereals, rice and drinks. They contains significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Can refer to this article on what is chia seeds superfood for more details.

9 brands of white black chia seeds

Chia Seeds Superfood

Chia Seeds Superfood

I wanted to try many brands of chia seeds, of different countries and from different markets. I would like to see if there are differences in tastes (it is  generally tasteless, but there is a distinct melon feel), mouth texture. I also spent time reading up on the nutrient values of each brands. For some brands, such as The Chia Co, or Redman, I bought both white and black seeds from the brands (hence you can see there are more than 9 packs in the photo)

Chia Seeds – Black or White?

Chia Seeds - Black or White?

Chia Seeds – Black or White?

University of Arizona Professor Emeritus Wayne Coates says there is “no major difference” nutritionally between different colours (which can be black, white, cream or grey). Any minor difference in nutrient value from each batch depends on where the plants were grown. Lauri Boone of the book “Superfoods for Life: Chia,” stated that the colour does not matter and is only important aesthetically. You may choose white or black seeds depending on what you like.

Where to buy chia seeds in Singapore?

I bought from various supermarkets and grocery stores.

  • Fair Price NTUC Fair Price Supermarket
  • Cold Storage
  • Jasons Market – The Gourmet Grocer
  • Phoon Huat Baking Supply
  • Online shops – Chia Seeds and Nuts
  • Niche Health supplement stores

Adding Chia Seeds superfood to salad, yogurt, etc

To ensure I get a good feel of each brand’s tastes and texture, I tried each packet for at least a week. (This post takes me months to write out) There are various ways to eat chia seeds, if you need any recommendation

Adding Chia Seeds to drinks

Adding Chia Seeds to drinks

  • Add into your hot drinks, like hot chocolate or coffee
  • Cold beverage or smoothies works well too, I added to my chilled tea.
  • Yogurt and ice cream – adds a crunch to it!
Chia Seeds to Yogurt

Chia Seeds to Yogurt

  • Salads
  • Cereals
  • Add to mashed potatoes or rice (I add to my multi grain brown rice)
  • Eat it on its own
  • Soups and sauces for main lunch or dinner dishes

The seeds forms a gelatinous gel when mixed with liquid. You can use it as a thickening agent in soups and sauces. As it is high in good fats, you can use to replace butter and eggs for recipes in cooking too. It is one of the most versatile cooking ingredient because it absorbs the flavour of other food around it, and yet punch such a potent mix of nutrient.

Chia Seeds Daily

Chia Seeds Daily

After trying so many brands, what’s my verdict?

All of them are great, and it really does not matter what brand you tried. Black and white does not matter in tastes nor nutrition value. It goes well in all sort of food. In fact, sometimes I just scoop a spoonful direct into my mouth. Different brands has no major difference in tastes and texture. The mass market brands tastes just as nice as those with premium price tag. However, I do believe there may be slight difference in nutrient value. Organic grown may also be more attractive to those who support organic farms. I also want to ensure my superfood is from a reputable brand that has trustworthy quality control.

I will probably just continue to buy it online from Chia Seeds and nuts (They deliver worldwide).

Delivery is swift and The Chia Co is a good Australian brand that I support personally. I seen this brand at many health food stores and gourmet supermarket and it is well liked by my friends in New Zealand and Australia.

Share in comments how you eat your chia seeds!

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