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Eczema Cure Manuka Honey Benefits: Healing naturally

Eczema Cure Manuka Honey Benefits: Healing naturally

Eczema is a terrible condition to suffer under and difficult to manage. It can be painful and a source of embarrassment and irritation. We note that manuka honey can be a very potent ally to help in managing and healing eczema conditions.

Let us highlight the weakness spots for eczema conditions.



Eczema patients have dry skin and has to deal with flaking, scaling and overall dryness of the skin

Those with eczema are vulnerable to tropical infections, such as staph

There is a lack or weak skin barrier so anything that helps create an additional layer of natural barrier on the skin would be welcome

Eczema needs good healing properties to heal their bruised or broken skin from dry, scratching, red and cracked skins, and especially to heal their oozing, open sores.

How Manuka Honey can help?

Manuka honey has high antibacterial properties that helps in fighting bacteria infection. It also maintains a moist condition and draw moisture from the air and retaining it. Not only that, manuka honey has a high viscosity to create a protective barrier to prevent infections. Manuka honey is an immunomodulator- a substance that helps to regulate the immune system. This “regulation” is a normalisation process, so that manuka honey helps to optimise immune response.

Scientific Lab Test and Proof

Manuka Honey UMF® Logo

Manuka Honey UMF® Logo

Many lab tests and scientific experiments have concluded that manuka honey helps in skin conditions. When medical grade manuka honey is applied topically to wounds, the wound size is decreased, the pH value of the wounds is decreased as well, and powerful anti-inflammatory effects took place. 80% of patients with dermatitis showed markedly significant improvement after 2 weeks of applying a mixture of manuka honey mixture. 5 0ut of 8 users with psoriasis showed improvement too to manuka honey mixture. Tests on manuka honey have proved its strong antibacterial properties.

Medical grade Manuka Honey

Many users have use manuka honey straight from the jar to apply topically on their skin. However, manuka honey from the jar may not be medical grade sufficient. If you are applying manuka honey as a face mask, or just as skin lotion over your skin, you are probably fine. To be safe, if you are suffering from eczema or has sensitive skin, you would probably prefer to higher grade medical grade manuka honey. Alternately, you can use specifically formulated manuka honey formula for skin care. I would recommend Medihoney – Comvita Derma Cream.


Comvita Medihoney Natural Derma Cream 50g

Comvita Medihoney Natural Derma Cream 50g

A rich emollient cream with Medihoney® sterilised medical grade Manuka honey, Aloe vera and Chamomile extract to hydrate and soothe red, itchy skin. 

Medihoney® (manuka honey mixture) attracts water from the lower layers of skin and retains it for lasting skin moisture. Aloe Vera has been shown to effectively improve skin hydration while chamomile is recommended for mild skin irritation.
  • Designed for very dry and eczema prone skin
  • Helps reduce redness and itching due to dryness
  • Fragrance free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Effective for the whole family including babies from 3 months

Comvita Derma Cream has help with my niece’s chronic scaly, dry eczema. She does not itch as much when the derma cream is applied. It also provide relief for my my nephew’s red inflamed eczema. We are even using derma cream on people with no eczema, but with sensitive skin, as it helps to protect sensitive skin. For my wife and me, we use manuka honey out of jar as our own DIY face mask.

For those without sensitive skin nor eczema and prefer to have high quality lab designed skin care that the British Royal family – Kate Middleton uses for her daily skincare, you can opt for Royal Nectar Original Face Mask or Moisturising Face Lift Skincare. 

Royal Nectar Original Face Mask

Royal Nectar Original Face Mask


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