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Fight coronavirus by washing hands, boosting immunity, stay home when you are sick

The coronavirus has swept through most of Asia and is spreading rapidly in Europe and the United States. To prevent yourself from being sick and spreading any form of sickness to your families, you should always

  1. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water
  2. Sanitizer with hand sanitizer if no soap and water are available.
  3. Do not touch your face.
  4. Wear a surgical face mask if you are sick and proceed to seek medical attention
  5. Do NOT go to work, or social interaction if you feel unwell.
  6. Exercise well, eat healthily with tonics or herbs to improve immune systems

First of all, many people are worried when they have symptoms and they are unsure whether they are suffering from the coronavirus Covid-19, the common flu or the cold. Here are some major difference

Coronavirus symptoms are mostly coughing and fever. Some patients will exhibit sore throat, body aches, and tiredness. For cold and flu, you will most likely have a sore throat, runny nose, etc (which seldom appear for coronavirus patients). Here is a graphical chart that helps your friends and you to tell the difference between coronavirus, COVID-19, the common cold and the common flu. The source of information is from World Health Organization.

how to tell Coronavirus vs Flu vs Cold different symptoms

how to tell Coronavirus vs Flu vs Cold different symptoms

What to do if you have a cold, flu or suspected coronavirus?

If you have a cold, you would be fine resting and recuperating with plenty of fluid (water, hot soup, etc) and nutritious food.

If you suspect you have the common flu, you may seek treatment at the nearest clinic and informed them clearly on your symptoms so that they can make a judgment call on your sickness. If you choose to self-medicate and rest at home, do take precautions to seek assistance if you are not improving. Most common flu patients recover well, but if you have underlying conditions or old or frail, please do not hesitate to seek medical attention.

If you suspect you have the coronavirus, do call in advance to the clinic, polyclinic, hospitals, let them know and if you have a history with someone in the danger zone of coronavirus, then they will assign an ambulance to take you for checkups and isolation wards. For Singapore citizens, PR, or foreigners working or staying on long term visa in Singapore, all treatments related to coronavirus is 100% free and paid by the Singapore government. Only tourists and short term visa visitors have to pay for their own treatments.

Get your annual flu vaccine.

Do take time out to go for your annual flu vaccine. While the flu vaccine does not protect you against the coronavirus, it does protect you against flu (the flu kills more people annually than the coronavirus). It will reduce you having to seek treatment for flu, and help you to only have to consider a cold or coronavirus when you are down with symptoms.

Boost your immune system against the flu, cold and other sicknesses

Here are some ways that you can improve your immune system. A healthy body is the best way you can reward yourself for having a good and happy life.

  1. Exercise regularly, at least 3 times a week.
  2. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits
  3. Drink plenty of soup, water, and sugar-free drinks
  4. Eat good natural tonic such as manuka honey daily
  5. A daily supplement like an elixir for adults, or elixir for kids
  6. Relax more and have less stress. A stressful mind is unhealthy.
  7. STOP smoking, or at least reduce your cigarettes. Smoking is very harmful to your family and you.
  8. Reduce drinking. Excessive drinking harms your liver.

The flu, cold or coronavirus tend to be non-fatal for most of us. It only strikes down those who are old or with underlying medical conditions and are weak with a compromised immune system. Do stay healthy by eating well, drinking well and exercising regularly. Improve your immune system with great food and a great lifestyle!


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