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On Scaly Basis: Crocodile Oil Will Be the Next Big Trend in Beauty and Wellness

Beauty and wellness regimen is as vast as the ocean – Aloe Vera, honey, coconut – all with antioxidants dedicated to make your skin smooth and hair softer.

Our planet has endless ways to give us natural moisturizers in the name of beauty – even from the wildest source anyone can imagine. Have you ever heard of crocodile oil? Yep, you can always tap for anything beauty even from the strangest source you see.

For years, crocodile oil has benefited Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Its healing properties reached the coast of Africa, specifically Madagascar.

Crocodile oil is the natural oil from the fatty tissues of the reptile. Omega 3, 6, and 9, Vitamins A and E, linoleic acid, and oleic acid are highly sought for due to its beneficial properties for skin and in our health.

Intriguing Encounter: Why Crocodile Oil?

Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Oil Product

When I had a trip to Egypt, I was very fortunate to see Nile crocodiles. As they feed in a frenzy, they are in a constant fight. Some of them get injuries like a ripped limb. Seeing how bad it is and exposed to the microbes of the water, I ask my guide if these injuries are fatal. He smiled and said that the crocodile’s immune system is far better than humans. I was intrigued when he mentioned about this crocodile oil that they are harvesting.

And from that day, I researched how I could benefit from the powerful benefits of the crocodile oil. I was astounded that there are more in reserve.

What is crocodile oil good for?

There are many proven benefits of crocodile oil, and science is already backing up most of them.

1. It moisturizes dry skin

Improves hair condition

What an irony it is, right? Despite having scaly skins, crocodile oil contains Sapogens that are proven to soften skin. It also has Vitamins A, E and Oleic Acid, all known to be antioxidants, cell regenerator, and healing agent for skin.

2. Heal wounds and irritation.

Oleic acid is known to be a skin regenerator and anti-wrinkle agent at the same time. Together with terpenes, a natural antiseptic, it boosts the anti-inflammatory property of the crocodile oil that matches an Ibuprofen.

3. Reduce the redness of the skin

Crocodile Oil is rich in natural Omega 3, 6,7and 9 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids (EFA) reduce the swelling and redness of the skin since they have anti-inflammatory properties. Please take note, and we cannot produce or synthesized these acids in our bodies.

4. Nourish your hair and scalp

Crocodile oil promotes hair growth. It hydrates hair strands, scalp, and follicles that increase hair strength and firmness.

5. Cure eczema

Skin Irritation

No wonder why this oil is highly sought is because of its healing property. It is a solution for skin problems like eczema and psoriasis due to its antiseptics, bacteriostatic, and anti-inflammatory components.
In some parts of Asia, crocodile oil is best in treating facial problems. It helps to reduce wrinkles, sun spots, dark spots, freckles, eye bags, dark eye circles, and acne scars.

6. Boost Immune System

Birds nest boost immunity system healthy

Some people take crocodile oil orally. They believe that it can boost your immune system. Take ¼ of the crocodile oil and mix it with warm water.

7. Use for Pets treatment.

Like for human consumption, it is also useful for treating pet’s hair and skin. Many use it for dogs, cats, horses, and other pets. Apply it to their fur or mane for strength and growth.

Medical Use of Crocodile Oil

Crocodile oil has been prolonged use by humans. However, it is just newly documented and started to catch attention in recent years. Countries like South Africa have been utilizing it by mixing it with Cryptocarya latifoli, a type of tree bark to treat chest ailments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses the reptile’s oil for treating bronchitis, allergy, skin problems, high blood pressure, asthma, and cancer.

In Madagascar, it is used to treat burns, skin ulcers, cancer, and coughs.

The therapeutic list of the crocodile oil keeps going since it’s new in the market. Some claim that it helps people to lose weight, those with heart ailments, and even tumors. Science is still confirming these, but the benefits, as mentioned above, are already proven.

Crocodile Oil versus other natural beauty regimens

Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Oil Product

Crocodile oil is starting to edge other natural oils for cosmetic purposes despite being new in the market. It has even tagged by one of U.S. newspapers as the next big thing to virgin coconut oil. What makes crocodile oil better than other natural oils and beauty products?

  1. It contains more of the beneficial ingredients for human skin as compared to other animal-based products and even coconut oils.
  2. Crocodile oil has more abundance of long-chain fatty acids, omega 3’s, as well as antioxidants that are usually present in other mammals.
  3. Besides its cosmetic benefits, it has healing properties.


How is Crocodile Oil extracted?

Don’t worry; it is safe and ethical. Crocodile oil is a byproduct (therefore, waste) from the crocodile farms in the world. Experts have seen the potential of the fats from the reptile to become a new source of skincare and medicine.

Get only the 100% Pure Crocodile Oil from the market.
As the crocodile oil becomes famous, fake, and impure crocodile oils flood the markets. But with careful research, I found that croc’s farm in Singapore process and refines the oil in a modern way. Upon the recommendation of a friend who lives there, I bought Long Kwan Hung crocodile oil 新加坡农光行鳄鱼油, and I’m still using it for a year now.

I like Long Kwan Hung Crocodile oil because each bottle is tagged with a serial number, bearing the production date. Singapore is a country that produces high-quality products, so I am of the quality of this crocodile oil.

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