Tongkat Ali – Reviews and Benefits

Tongkat Ali – What Is It?

The herb is called Tongkat Ali and also known as Longjack in America. We will discuss why this herb is so popular with sexual potency and improving health in Singapore and south east asia.

The herb typically grows in countries within South-East Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia. The roots of the Tongkat Ali tree is usually the part that is ground into powder. The powder is then usually placed into pills for consumption. This herb has been used in folk medicine in the past and is used in additives and supplements today. The herb has been known to have a large number of health benefits. The most common benefit is the use of it as an aphrodisiac where its effectiveness has been proven by decades of study. The herb also helps relieve stress as shown by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Tongkat Ali is famous and widely known in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


The effects of Tongkat Ali has been tested on both humans and animals throughout the years. In both humans and animals, Tongkat Ali has proven to boost testosterone levels drastically. The herb has proven to boost testosterone by up to 46% in sufferers of low testosterone.


What is testosterone you might ask? Testosterone is a male hormone that plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues. It is necessary for muscle, bone and hair growth and is a key factor in the sex drive of men  It also prevents osteoporosis which is a condition where bones become brittle and weak. However, testosterone levels fall drastically as men age.

One common way to raise the level is by taking it as a medication. This may be a quick fix but there are some serious side effects. Some side effects include acne, liver damage, and even heart disease. It increases the chance of stroke and heart attacks in users which could prove deadly at an older age. Hence, natural supplements are recommended. Here, Tongkat Ali will prove to be effective as it can boost testosterone and provide other health benefits at the same time.

Benefits Of Tongkat Ali

The list of benefits is as long as it could be and we will be going through some of them here. The benefits include:

  1.  Increased male fertility
  2.  Increases sex drive
  3.  Anti-cancer
  4.  Energy and stamina booster
  5.  Malaria treatment
  6.  Relieves headaches and stomachaches
  7.  Fat loss and muscle gain
  8.  Bone health
  9.  Anti-bacterial
  10.  Reduces stress and anxiety

Many traditional medicine in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia uses tongkat ali as part of their herbal mix.

How Do They Benefit?

As mentioned earlier, the Tongkat Ali herb aids in increasing male fertility rates by causing an increase in motility and volume of sperm. The chemical compounds in the herb help increase testosterone which produces a positive effect on sperm development.

Tongkat Ali also seems to cause cell death in cancer cells with many studies conducted on it.

Tongkat Ali users reported having a higher sex drive, longer lasting erections and longer lasting sex. These effects are usually credited to a rise in sex drive that results from Tongkat Ali consumption.

Also, when paired with exercise, Tongkat Ali has been known to be effective in reducing body fat. A study where men were given doses of Tongkat Ali all had significant drops in body fat across 5 weeks.

Tongkat Ali can combat the stress hormone, cortisol, fairly effectively as well.  In a test between 63 participants, cortisol levels dropped by 16% on average. Cortisol is bad for the well being and health of humans. This is due to it interfering with learning and memory and lowering the immune function and bone density. It also causes increased weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol and a higher chance of heart disease. Thus it is critical to keeping it low.

In Malaysia, the paste of the plant is usually used to treat headaches and stomach aches. The fruit and flowers are used to treat dysentery. The root of the plant is also used as a traditional treatment for malaria and has been proven to be quite effective.

Also, as mentioned above, increased testosterone levels helps to strengthen bones. This is because testosterone is critical in the maintenance and building of strong bones.

Can Women Use Tongkat Ali?

Yes! Tongkat Ali also provides other benefits to women. Just like in men, the herb helps regulate emotions such as stress. Users experienced significant improvements in tension, confusion, and anger. Tongkat Ali is also able to increase energy levels in people to prevent tiredness.

Another thing Tongkat Ali does for women is that it helps combats unwanted weight gain. Tongkat Ali helps to maintain the hormone levels which reduces the possibility of fluctuating weight.

This hormonal balance also aids in boosting energy levels, promoting bone health and maintains normal sugar levels. It also helps in controlling stress, anger and anxiety.


However, nothing is perfect. There are always things to take note of before consuming something. The most important thing to do before taking any form of supplement or medication is to consult a doctor first. Following that, there are other tips that can be used to ensure safe consumption.

  1.  Follow the manufacturer’s dosage information very carefully.
  2. Take it for a few weeks then rest a few weeks
  3.  Nursing/pregnant mothers should avoid it
  4. Take it earlier in the day to prevent sleeplessness.
  5. Do not take Tongkat Ali if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.
  6. Make sure you buy the product from a reliable seller so as to not get scammed.

Side Effects

Some side effects include higher body heat. Hence, when consuming Tongkat Ali you should increase your daily water intake. Also, higher levels of testosterone may result in increased irritability, impatience and restlessness. Try to find methods to calm yourself as your body gets used to the herb. There is usually a bitter taste and it is warned that the lack of a bitter taste may prove the supplement is either fake or weak.

How to take Tongkat Ali

One of the most important things to do it to cycle your consumption. This means taking the herb for a couple of weeks then stopping for 40% of the time taking the herb. This prevents your body from being resistant to the herb. Your body is smart and it learns how to build a resistance to foreign substances. This applies to most forms of medicine and antibiotics. By cycling your consumption, this allows your body to stay effective and have you feel the full benefits of the herb.

Also, please note that the effects will not come immediately and it is important to stay patient. Don’t give up just because you do not feel the effects the first week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a high lead content in Tongkat Ali?

  • No. This is just a myth. Lead is usually found in herbal products when there is soil contamination. Soil contamination occurs when there are factories nearby. However, well-prepared extracts are well cleaned and checked to ensure there is no lead within.

Are there any vast differences between Malaysian and Indonesian Tongkat Ali?

  • No. Studies have shown that although they may be grown in different environments, their chemical composition remains fairly similar across all samples.

Can I boil Tongkat Ali and consume it as a drink?

  • Yes you can. However, that is an uncommon method as the root is usually very bitter. Hence, it is easier to consume it as a pill.

Where To Buy Tongkat Ali? In Singapore or global.

If you live in Singapore, you can check for proper products from reputable sellers. If you live elsewhere, good news is Tongkat Ali is light weight and easy to pack and ship, so do buy from reputable sellers such as Singapore shops.

The thing to note is that you should always look to buy Tongkat Ali root extract. Never buy Tongkat Ali root powder. Make sure you are buying from a reputable brand and give the company a call to verify their credibility. Do a google search for their name to see potential reviews. Also, try to not go for outrageous bargains.

Your health is always more important than money. This is all to prevent you from buying the wrong type of Tongkat Ali.

nufinity tongkat ali

With that said, I have included the link to a credible Singapore seller to buy Tongkat Ali from, he can ship to you if you live in Singapore or he can ship globally to you too.

Thank You for reading and I sincerely hope that this article has suitably informed you. Hopefully,  it will help you make a decision on whether to try it or not.


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